PIPING DESIGN ENGINEERING FULL TIME NEW BATCH STARTS FROM 15th JUNE 2019        PROCESS DESIGN ENGINEERING BATCH STARTS FROM 29 JUNE 2019        New batch of Autonomous P.G. Diploma in PIPING DESIGN ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION     Batch Starts from 18th January, 2019     Simulation Course Batch starts from 4th February, 2019

Personalised PDMS Training

PDMS Plant Design Management System is a comprehensive, intelligent computer-aided design/engineering (CAD/CAE) application for plant design, construction and operations job oriented courses.

What Is Plant Design Management System?

PDMS Plant Design Management System is a comprehensive, intelligent computer-aided design/engineering (CAD/CAE) application for plant design, construction, and operations Job Oriented Courses. Production-driven, it widely used in Power, Oil & Gas Production & Processing (Offshore & Onshore), Petroleum Refining, Petroleum storage & Transportation, Chemicals & Petrochemicals, Sugar, Paper and Chemical industries for the best possible design – and do it more efficiently to reduce the total installed cost of the project. Due to its capability and commitment to the industry, many leading engineering firms and owner/operations have selected PDMS as their corporate standard 


Engineering Degree, Diploma’s & ITI in Mechanical, Civil, Chemical, Instrumentation.


I am offer professionals the basic and advanced knowledge on PDMS by concentrating on

  • Equipment

  • Piping

  • Isodraft

  • Structures

  • Hangers & Supports

  • Draft

  • Admin

Design Modules

  • Equipment Modeling- As per vendor drawing and equipment layout

  • Modeling of Horizontal Vessel

  • Modeling of Vertical Vessel

  • Modeling of Heat Exchanger

  • Modeling of Pumps

  • Modeling of Stacked Heat Exchanger

  • Creating the standard equipments

  • Creating obstructions

  • Equipment commands-All equipment commands are covered. Setting the obstructions.

  • Changing the position of the component with respect to world command

  • Modify command, Rotate command, Mirror command, Offset command Measure command, etc - (All Equipment commands are covered).

Piping Module

  • Pipe routing- As per piping layout and P&ID

  • 6 Routing on projector

  • Total 10 routings for practice

  • How to provide spec break

  • Providing offsets Providing slopes

  • Usage of model editor.

  • Solving Data inconsistency & clash check

  • Piping commands (All Piping commands are covered).

Isodraft Module

  • Isometric Generation- As per pipe routings

  • Extracting of Isodraft

  • Splitting of Isometics

  • Providing flow and penetration attachments.

  • Export the drawing to AutoCAD

Structural Module

  • Structures- As per Equipment layout & piping layout

  • Beams and columns

  • Create beams and columns Extend beams and columns

  • Creating Bracings

  • Generating the reports

  • Structural commands (All Structural commands are covered).

  • Panels and plates

  • Creating panels and plate

  • Cutting panels and plate

  • Splitting of panels and plate

  • Penetration of panels and plates

  • Floors

  • Creations of floors

  • ASL modeler

  • Creation of platforms

  • Creation of ladders

  • Creation of stairs

Hangers And Support Module

  • Supporting the Equipments, structures, pipes

  • Modeling of supports

  • Modeling of line guide ,hold down, limit stop.

  • Modeling of stiffner plates,doubler plate.

Draft Module

  • Final output of Plant layout

  • GA-Drawing creation in 2D

  • Creation of sectional views

  • Dimensioning, Labeling

  • Export the drawing to AutoCAD

  • Reflecting the design changes in draft

  • Commands in draft

Admin Module

  • Creation of new projects

  • Creation of teams, users, DB's, MDB's

  • Project maintenance

  • Access control right

Detail schedule of Training

Introduction General Introduction, license, Heirarchy concept,Site,zone 4
Equipment Modelling of Reboiler using Primitives & Standard Equipment method. Modelling of remaining Equipments.Explain level & Obst attributes. 11
Modelling of Civil RCC Parts e.g.Foundations,Piles,PileCaps etc 3
Steelwork Modelling of Structures of the Building & Rack 9
ASL Modelling Of Tower Platforms, Building Platforms, ladders of Tower and Staircase. 4
PIPING Heirarchy,Pipe,Bran & Components Attributes.Creation of Pipes 5
Creation of Pipes continue
Creation of Pipes continue,Shop attribute explain. 8
Slope lines ,Ducts , HVAC,Consistency Check,Clash Check. 18
Consistency Check,Clash Check,Out of spec Check
ISODARFT backing sheet, Generate Isos for all lines 1
Cable Trays Create Cable trays. 8
Draft General Heirarchy, Dept, Regi, Drwg, Sheet, View, Planes creations & their attributes.Create Plot plan sheet. 36
Create a Sheet for Tower, Reboiler. Create Piping Plan , CI-UGA for Foundation layout, Steel laout
Labels & Symbols, Rulesets incl. Local Rules 2D
Drafting, Conversion to AutoCAD.
DATAL Exercise to copy one pump , Pipe 2
REPORTER exercise reports  
Feedback Assignment-1 submission, Feedback information, any other 2
Total 111.00